Band of the week: Untamed

Band of the week 05/2024

Origin: Augsburg, Germany
Genre: Rock/Hardrock

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:



Editorial commentary:

In 2023, Untamed catapulted themselves into a rollercoaster of releases. They broke the silence with their first single Out Of Control back in February, followed by the energetic Get Down (My Baby) in March and the intense Feeling Sick in May. In June, they set a rousing exclamation mark with Take Me To Paradise.

But the boys from Untamed showed no signs of tiring. July brought the emotional Can You Heare Me as their fifth single, followed by Get Out in stormy September and the provocative Sex Tape in October – seven explosive releases in total. To cap off the year, they unveiled their album Untamed on November 24.

What always captivates me about Untamed is their impressive versatility. Each single reveals a new facet, while still retaining their musical core. I’m also impressed by their captivating combination of trashy attitude – “We do what we like” – and a professional demeanor.

Their sound is catchy, provided you like rock music. The lyrics are profound and often deal with serious topics, but they also surprise their fans with provocative elements, as is the case with Sex Tape. Occasionally you can sense that they are still newcomers, but that is precisely what gives their music authenticity. They work hard for their success and don’t rest on their laurels. This is a pure expression of professionalism, because they know full well that success doesn’t come out of nowhere and that the competition is probably just as passionate as they are.

I like their sound, their profound lyrics and their unfiltered authenticity. UNTAMED – DO IT FUCKING LOUD! That’s not just a description of the band. It’s a way of life that they celebrate with every note and every song.


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