Band of the week: 9mm Headshot

Band of the week 09/2024

Origin: Rhein-Neckar-Region
Genre: German power rock ‘n’ metal

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

The self-created genre “Assi-Rock” is traditional for 9mm, whereby ASSI is deliberately misspelled and the abbreviation stands for “Attractive, Beautiful, Sexy and Intelligent”. There is of course a wink in the room here.

(translated from German)


Editorial commentary:

9mm Headshot represents the essence of German power rock ‘n’ metal to perfection. After a period of silence since their last release in 2015, they are now making a glorious return with an impressive bang – after more than eight years without new material! With charismatic frontman Dougie, they have made an impressive new start.

Their latest single Spritztour, released on January 19, 2024, is an impressive mosaic of punk, metal and German rock. It proves that the unmistakable ASSI-ROCK still flows through their veins and carries their listeners away.

In terms of content, the song deals with the omnipresent theme of the stag party. This explosive return marks the beginning of a promising new era for 9mm Headshot. With a new singer and a new frontman at the helm, they face exciting challenges and opportunities.

Whether they can repeat their previous successes remains to be seen. Nevertheless, they remain an integral part of the German rock scene and have already made an impressive start. The further development of the band in their new formation will be fascinating and will certainly hold many musical surprises in store. The future of 9mm Headshot promises to be an exciting journey!


The band at Dark-Art:


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