Band of the week: Bad Marylin

Band of the week 13/2024

Origin: Tägerig, Argovia, Schwitzerland
Genre: Power Metal

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

Bad Marilyn – a power metal band to remember!

Ingenious hooks, distinctive guitar riffs and a versatile female voice that masters everything from powerful extreme vocals to clear singing.

With a powerful stage show and a load of highly motivated musicians, this band is the latest must-see act. Full of energy, Bad Marilyn’s music will take you into a magic metal realm, make you forget the stress of everyday life and deliver nothing  but good vibes and powerful moments.

With «I die inside», the Swiss musicians release their first song from their debut album on March 22nd, 2024, which was produced by Dennis Ward (Helloween & Pink Cream 69) and will be featured on the upcoming album. With this powerful song, Bad Marilyn makes a statement against oppression, restriction and the violation of civil liberties. A song that combines power metal with death and heavy metal.


Editorial commentary:

Bad Marylin, known to me primarily through Infinitas star Andrea, but the end of that career will remain in the mists of the past.
With new colleagues around them, a close circle was brought to the Kik Sissach for the premiere on December 15th, 2023 through contacts and social media. Appearing in large numbers in the basement, it was a planned surprise for the band that they hadn’t released a single sound beforehand. The literal front woman was Andrea, who sometimes belted out tales in the old Infinitas style, but also performed new genres in ballads and power. The songs were completely created from scratch. In any case, the atmosphere was well received, which is a fantastic achievement for an audience that is not interested in poetry. The mix of genres and songs makes you curious about the album material, the performance is right and you can see that they are experienced artists.

The first official music video was released on YouTube on March 22nd as a promotion for the debut album Eyes Of The Snake, which is due to be released on March 24th!


Live impressions:

Music recommendation:


Upcoming live dates:

  • 27. 04.24 Rockfact, Münchenstein with Crystal Ball
  • 04.05.24 Musigburg, Aarburg – ALBUM RELEASE SHOW with Black Diamonds
  • 03.10.24 Kofmehl, Solothurn
  • 05. 10.24 Südpol, Kriens – Metalstorm over Lucerne Chapter II




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