Band of the week: Suotana

Band of the week 18/2024

Origin: Finnland
Genre: Melodic Death

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

SUOTANA is a Finnish Melodic Death Metal band with strong influences from Melodic Black and Power Metal. Originally founded in 2005 as guitarist Ville Rautio’s solo project, Suotana’s upward trajectory was not diminished by several line-up changes in the wake of their 2014 debut album, Forgotten Soil Of This Land. The sextet joined the Reaper Entertainment family after releasing their debut album Frostrealm (2015) and released one more energetic full- length album to critical acclaim, Land Of The Ending Time (2018). After five long years from their latest release, Finnish metallers Suotana have emerged straight from the everfrost with their new album Ounas I. This full-length release is an epic continuation of the journey its predecessor Land of the Ending Time began in 2018, and propels the band to a new height.


Editorial commentary:

From the Finnish part of Lapland, Swampsatan come on tour in Europe, their name is a combination of “Sou” for swamp and “Saatana” for Satan.

The band, which is rather unknown in our part of the world, was taken on a European tour in 2024 by their national Finntrolls, which lasted almost exactly one month and ended in the Turock.

Those six guys have so far released three albums in 2015, 2018 and 2023, which you can already read from their own band bio.
The style remains in the melodic death area, paired with black, but also power elements. Thematically, however, they move more into the pagan sector: about nature, history and death.

The former in particular can be found on their current album Ounas I, as the Ounasjoki is the river of their homeland and the inspiration for both the title and the album cover. Lake Ounasjärvi is also the source, as is the first track on the album, Lake Ounas (The Beginning).
The mixture of all these elements comes across as fresh and fluid, which has earned them a gig at Summer Breeze this year in addition to various festivals in Finland!


The band at Dark-Art:


Live impressions:

Music recommendation:


Upcoming live dates:

19.6.24 – Nummirock Metal Festival FIN
28.6.24 – Tuska Open Air FIN
08.8.24 – Dark River Festival FIN
09.8.24 – Hellsinki Metal Festival FIN
14.8.24 – Summer Breeze GER





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