Band of the week: Midnight Odyssey

Band of the week 26/2024

Origin: Australia
Genre: Ambient Black Metal, Ambient

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

Official account for Australian black metal and ambient band Midnight Odyssey. Formed in 2007. (Instagram)



Editorial commentary:

The wonderful Dark Troll Festival is always a treasure trove for new discoveries and artists who have rarely or never been to Germany. This time was no exception.

Midnight Odyssey is an Australian “band”… Yes, that’s where it starts. It is actually a project by Australian musician and singer Tony Parker, alias Dis Pater, which he founded in 2007.

Black metal with touches of doom, neoclassicism and dark ambient characterise the music. Everything is carried by the keyboard melodies, which set the tone and are decisive for the sound of Midnight Odyssey.

They were the seventh band to play at the Dark Troll Festival on the Friday, it was far from pitch dark, but a gloom immediately spread across the courtyard, but in a positive sense. The intro sounded and people were immediately mesmerised. At first I was a little surprised because the keyboard was so dominant and some of the songs almost had a hint of instrumental, as the vocals were used very sparingly at times. But it was terrific, because especially when Dis Pater sang low and at the same time created a contrast to the music, the whole thing harmonised so incredibly well that I couldn’t and didn’t want to escape it.

It took me almost until the end of the gig to realise that they didn’t have a drummer with them and that he came from the band. Well, when you’re almost exclusively headbanging or letting yourself be carried away by the melody with your eyes closed, things like that get lost. But it also shows that Dis Pater definitely knows his craft.

It was Midnight Odyssey’s German debut at the Dark Troll and I really hope that more organisers have become aware of this exceptional band and that I can hopefully see them in Germany again soon! Because what the band delivered was pure goosebumps. Simply magnificent!

I’ve linked two videos below, which illustrate the musical scope very well. Pillars in the Sky is a pure ambient song to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away. Souls Left Wandering is much more black metal and then there are the songs that are somewhere in between. Listen to it at your leisure and let it work its magic on you!


The band at Dark-Art:


Live impressions:

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