Band of the week: Mourning Wood

Band of the week 28/2024

Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Dutch Epic Party Folk Metal

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

Dutch Epic Party Folk Metal



Editorial commentary:

Yes, there’s not much more to the band bio at the moment, but this one sentence pretty much sums it up! Mourning Wood have come to party! This is the motto that the Dutch band have made their own, and they consistently live up to it. After all, they also celebrate the day of the Hawaiian shirt!

I’ve had the Dutchies on my radar for a while now, but it was at the Mahlstrom Open Air that I got to meet them and see them live for the first time. I can tell you one thing, it was great fun! Not metal at all, the guys were on stage on Friday in Hawaiian shirts, with flower necklaces and all kinds of funny decorations and German fan accessories. But even in front of the stage, people had dressed up, because their reputation for “partying” preceded them!

Apart from that, the five of them also have something musically and are definitely to be taken seriously. Danceable songs with beautiful keyboard melodies invite you to move. The whole thing paired with wonderful guitar passages and a dash of epicness and there you go! You could also tell that they were really up for the gig and really stepped on the gas!

But the Dutchmen from Mourning Wood are also great fun off stage and I have fond memories of the almost legendary evenings, thank you for this fun weekend!

You have the chance to see the guys? Then get yourself there. And maybe they’ll remember to bring their bubble machines too! And very important: Don’t confuse them with the Finnish melancholic metal band of the same name, Mourning Wood!



The band at Dark-Art:


Live impressions:

Music recommendation:


Upcoming live dates:

4 September @Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
6 September @Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
13 September @So What, Gouda (NL)
14 September @‘t Beest, Goes (NL)




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