Band of the Week: Of Romulus (English version)

Band of the week 38/2023

Origin: USA

Genre: Power Metal


Editorial commentary:

While themes such as Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons or other more or less medieval stories come to the fore in power metal, one very important genre is often left out: science fiction. Much more often, a very special franchise is overlooked, yet it is one of the oldest science fiction franchises and especially one of the oldest television series in the world: Star Trek. And even more rarely do people know about the different species and factions in this universe. Now we take a look at the videos below and see figures with pointed ears and a grim expression. Space elves? Spock? You know this one! But no, rather the grim cousins from the planet Romulus are standing there (yes, I know, Roman history… that’s another topic, for another band). It’s about the Romulans, the core theme of the Band Of Romulus from the USA. But how does an editor from Germany come across a band from the States that hasn’t even released an album yet? Well, the first music video was flushed onto my YouTube homepage by the YouTube algorithm a whole two days after release, somewhere between Star Trek and Doctor Who trivia videos, which I like to run as background noise.
But let’s get to the band itself: The three Romulans stand out not only for their pointy ears, but for the well-produced music videos. The singer Heather Smith stands out with her wonderful voice, which accentuates the sound with cleverly placed growls. The lyrics are narrative and contain, interesting for Star Trek fans, some references to various sections from the series. The whole thing is surrounded by catchy guitar riffs and a perfectly tuned bass. There is no permanent drummer yet, but the accompanying records testify to a drummer with experience. These are the impressions of the first and only sign of life of the musical Romulans so far. The band only saw the light of day at the end of 2022 and there are no more than two singles as of now. Not enough for a more detailed band of the week article, but enough to share my enthusiasm about this young project with you.

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