Band of the week: Vermilia

Band of the week 12/2024

Origin: Finland
Genre: Black Metal

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

“VERMILIA is a female artist, coming from Finland. Her music is a mix of Epic Scandinavian Pagan Metal and sweet, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies with lyrics in her native language.”


Editorial commentary:

Black metal is music that is characterised by its harshness and aggression. It differs from other genres in the large metal pool through its elongated, ice-cold and unapproachable melodies and this distance is emphasised by the demonic screams of many musicians. Why am I telling you this? Quite simply because I want to tell you about a musical contrast. The musical project Vermilia, founded by the artist of the same name, is located in the middle of the dark forest of black metal, but gives the music a soft touch, like a flower in a clearing. There are playful melodies and strong, bright vocals woven into brute black metal. I can only warmly recommend her album Ruska to every curious reader.

In our team we were able to experience the musician live with her project, for example in 2022 at the Dark Troll Festival or in 2023 at the War Against War. The shows were always a contrast to previous and subsequent performances. The artist lends black metal a rare elegance and a refreshing lightness that I have rarely been able to experience in this otherwise oppressive music. That’s why I also recommend this project as a live performance.

With this double recommendation, I leave you with this column and perhaps I was able to arouse your curiosity for another music project.


Music recommendation:


Upcoming live dates:

24.04.2024 – On The Rocks, Helsinki

27.04.2024 – Lutakko, Finland – Hell OpenAir 2024, Belgium

09.-10.05.2024 – Heathen Gathering 2024, Germany

04.-06.06.2024 – Unter the Black Sun 2024, Germany

19.-21.06.2024 – Festivalul Celtic Transilvania 2024, Romania

26.-27.06.2024 – NoExcuse Festival 2024, Sweden





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