Interview with Tensiion (ENG)

Recently their new Album appeared already in our reviews. Now we talked with the band Tensiion. Like everyone they were affected by the pandemic, but at least this can’t be the main topic. So we also talked about the development from metal, their new album “Subterfuge” or the value from lyrics in a song.

1. How are you doing? How did you perceive the last months?

Im well mate, thanks. Its been quite surreal the past year or so. We are still getting used to the new normal. It doesnt seem things are going to change anytime soon.

2. Did your relationships inside the band change through the pandemic?

Not really, weve both been very lucky. As we are more of a studio project, not being able to play live hasnt impacted us, unlike so many other bands. So being in lockdown, working from home for months last year, was actually pretty good for us.

3. Did this situation affect your artistic productivity?

Yeah, for sure. Even though we were lucky with our jobs, there was a lot of uncertainty. And worrying about finances, and our families, and just the world in general, doesnt inspire me to write music, it makes me want to shut myself off from the world. I tend to have an easier time writing when im in a good space and things are going well. So writing this time was more difficult.

4. You published a new album. Do you think it might have developed different otherwise?

I think if there are any changes to your environment it plays a part in how music turns out. There are so many variables. What those differences would be, we will never know, but it would surely be

Different in some way.

5. How important are lyrics for you, with and without such extreme external conditions?

Lyrics are very important and the most personal part of the writing process. A lot of our inspiration comes from human behavoir, and over the past year or so weve seen some extremely dissapointing and abhorrent examples, from governments, media, police, religious institutions, and just people just generally being assholes to one another. All great for lyrics, but fucking depressing to think this is what our world has come to.

6. Are you standing in contact with other bands? So can you see so differences dealing with it?

Only what ive seen on social media, so many bands, promoters, road crew, venues, bar staff ….so many have lost their livelyhoods. We are starting to see live music come back again slowly, but there are still restrictions making it difficult.

7. Do you think the perception of music changes when live concerts aren‘t possible?

Not for me personally, my listening and record buying habits havent changed. I do miss gigs, and going to festivals though.

Maybe for younger people who are at that age when discovering live music is a life changing experience. When i think back to when i was 17/18, those shows we’re pretty special.

8. Are you annoyed by questions about the pandemic? At least it‘s a thing that affects everyone, especially in the cultural sector.

Nah, im ok talking about it. Its such a huge thing for all of us. I really feel for those in countries that dont have the same government support and health care that we do. We are very lucky here.

9. Do you think something is missing in the metal- and rock scene? Or do you think the development of this music already has become so diverse it doesn‘t matter?

Im still stuck in the golden era of metal, so im guilty of comparing a lot of newer bands with the bands from the 80s/90s. It would be cool to see some new bands become the new Metallica or Slayer. No one has really captured the magic on that scale yet though, and maybe it will never happen. So much of it has to do with the environment in which a band grows. The scene was completely new back then, so there were no rules and no comparisons.

I think music has definately lost a lot of its value, with streaming platforms sucking the life out of it, breeding an audience of listeners with no attention span for more than one song from an album.

10. With what emotions do you come out with your new album? Or do you think there is no good or bad time for that?

Oh man, a bit of everything really. There has been good times, and we did have fun putting this EP together so its not all bad, but the subject matter on the album does tend to tell a story of humanity on the decline.


We thank you very much for the time and your honest handling with the topic. All the best, Dark Art.

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