Band of the week: The Gloom in the Corner

Band of the week 03/2024

Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Metalcore

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

A concept driven metalcore band from Melbourne.


Editorial commentary:

The Gloom in the Corner surprised me as the opener of Fit for a King‘s recent EU tour. It was their first ever tour in Europe and they played their half hour stage time with a sovereignty that could hardly be more impressive. Their latest album Trinity in particular is characterised by a brute/epic sound that is often reminiscent of Ice Nine Kills. But the four Australians are by no means a copy of Ice Nine Kills, as they come across a whole lot darker. The Gloom in the Corner are characterised by a decent groove that is constantly aggressive and is framed by bloodcurdling breakdowns with healthy regularity. They skilfully jump back and forth between harmonious melancholy and maximum violence as if it were the most normal thing in the world. A marvellous chaos that sounds exactly the same live as it does on record and creates a captivating atmosphere. It is not without good reason that all kinds of well-known feature guests do the honours on their latest work: Ryo Kinoshita (ex Crystal Lake), Taylor Barber (Left to Suffer) and Ryan Kirby (Fit for a King), among others, can be heard and put their very own stamp on the songs. So here we really have a mighty steamroller that stops at nothing and nobody and has a great future ahead of it.


The band at Dark-Art:


Live impressions:

Music recommendation:


Upcoming live dates:

In April and May, The Gloom in the Corner will be on tour supporting the Slipknot juniors from Vended in Europe, tour dates on the flyer:






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