Band of the week: Angry Rabbit

Band of the week 08/2024

Origin: Buchs (SG) Switzerland
Genre: Punk Rock

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

Zwei Schwestern raufen sich im Corona Lockdown zum Projekt “Angry Rabbit” zusammen. Mit ihrem Garagenrock verpackt in Grunge und Punk hauen sie dem Publikum ihre Songs um die Ohren. Auf jeden Fall etwas für alle Musikfans, die es gerne laut, dreckig und direkt haben.


Editorial commentary:

Another rabbit band from the “Schwyzer Rhintl”, didn’t we already feature Miss Rabbit as band of the week in autumn 2020?

What sounds at first like a whole nest of long-ears in the area turns out to be another part of that pack. However, things went a bit down the rabbit hole during the first Corona winter. I don’t officially know the story, but I’m not hoping for scenes like those from “Watership Down”.

Long story short: Singer Angela and drummer Thomas left the band, Hasi became evil and thus Miss- turned to Angry Rabbit. The sisters Melanie (guitar) and Fabienne Curiger (bass) moved from the backing vocals directly to the front of the stage, guitarist Roger Rabbit, aka Köppel, also got some of the vocals and drummer Micha Wachter was recruited to provide backing.

Unfortunately, my last impression of them was the album release concert by Call us and we Follow shortly before pandemic lockdown. Although there was a lot of touring in autumn 2021, in their region and partly to Germany, unfortunately I didn’t make it to one of their concerts. I won’t comment further here on the organizer’s faux pas at the planned concert in Zurich.

I was therefore more than pleased, of course, when they were guests at the Jugendkulturhaus Piccadilly, basically in my front garden, in mid-December.

Fucking hell jugged hare (spicy rabbit dish) got his ass kicked because the show is going like a rocket!
The change not only brought new German lyrics to the program – no, we’re not talking about the old bonus Müeter and Scheissstäg – but also a variety of moods. From funny lyrics to naked ballads and a Motörhead cover, the focus is on hard rock in the transition to punk.

According to Melanie, only her own written songs were imported from the old days, always harder and dirtier as the rest of the old program, which I always found best anyway. In addition to those songs, you will find enough new showcase material that you can hopefully look forward to on your disc in the near future!


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