Band of the week: Dead Phoenix

Band of the week 10/2024

Origin: Berlin
Genre: Metalcore

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

Wir wollen unseren Sound gar nicht definieren. Wir lassen mehrere Einflüsse auf uns einwirken und schauen, was am Ende am besten zu uns passt.


Editorial commentary:

The band Dead Phoenix embodies the pure metalcore spirit. With their authentic and down-to-earth style, they are not some kind of off-the-wall stars, but the guys next door who know what they want. Despite their impressive successes and stage appearances with renowned bands, they have retained their simplicity.

Their sound is at the heart of true metalcore: powerful, intense and performed by a singer who has mastered his craft.

But behind this professionalism is a band that follows the DIY principle. In 2024, they kick off with their first headlining show and unleash the Unraveled Self Tour 2024 – a revolutionary underground tour.

The special thing about it? Sharing the stage with up-and-coming acts in each city to celebrate and promote the diversity of the scene. Dead Phoenix understand that collaboration is the key to success.

Another highlight: During the tour, they collect donations for the charitable organizations Sea-Watch and Hardcore Help Foundation, something the band is particularly proud of.

Dead Phoenix’s Unraveled Self Tour 2024 promises not only musical excellence, but also a message of solidarity and cohesion.


Music recommendation:


Upcoming live dates:


  • 08.03.2024 ESSEN Hüweg
  • 09.03.2024 OSNABRÜCK Westwerk
  • 10.03.2024 HAMBURG Headcrash
  • 13.03.2024 LEIPZIG Hellraiser
  • 14.03.2024 KÖLN MTC
  • 15.03.2024 FRANKFURT Elfer Club
  • 16.03.2024 ERFURT Klanggerüst
  • 23.03.2024 BERLIN Spirale




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