Band of the week: Spitfire

Band of the week 21/2024

Origin: Karlsruhe / GER
Genre: Speed Metal

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

Heavy pounding, thrashing Speed Metal Madness without mercy



Editorial commentary:

Spitfire have been with me since January 2018 and already back then impressed me with their fast-paced live show. Whenever the band took to the stage, a party was inevitable. This made the news that Spitfire were putting the band on hold and that their future was uncertain all the more shocking. Their Selftitled EP and debut album, Tectonical Power are also real gems of speed metal and are endless fun. However, Spitfire have been back in a new line-up for three years now and stronger than ever: With their comeback album Nightmares, they served us Teutonic speed metal that could hardly be more aggressive and yet they still managed to incorporate playful melodies unerringly into the cracking songs. As in the past, singer Rico crowns the songs with his distinctive voice while conjuring up irresistible riffs. Behind him, as usual, “Thunder Manne” lights up the drums and the two new members Simon (bass) and “Bolz” (guitar) put their own stamp on the band with their style. Live, the quartet is a real bank, capable of bringing any venue to the boil. Their stage presence is truly special and, in combination with the music, simply captivating. One neckbreaker chases the next, there is no time to stand still. In late summer, we can look forward to their third studio album Trinity, which is already part of their setlist in a smaller form as a foretaste.


The band at Dark-Art:



Live impressions:



Music recommendation:



Upcoming live dates:

26.-27.06. Burning Q Festival – Bremen

11.09. Erntedrunk Festival – Rauschenberg 

26.10. Hawk Fest – Wiesloch 

09.11. Altes Wasserwerk – Lörrach 

16.11. Chambo Metal – Kempten 






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