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Band of the week 43/2023


Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.


The band about itself:

German Progressive Gothic Metal band founded in Munch in 2006.


Editorial commentary:

Sunday’s opener at Amphi Festival 2023 was a little surprise. The small Gothic Metal band Schöngeist rocked the few and hungover attendees in front of the main stage and woke up their tired souls. Although they have been around since 2006, they are a relatively unknown quantity with about 8000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Yet they have already been on tour with Letzte Instanz and Eisbrecher. Alexander Wesselsky even co-wrote their second album Keine Zeit and in 2015 they were Orkus’ newcomer of the year. Nevertheless, it has been very quiet around the Bavarians in recent years. The last album is already ten years old and except for occasional festival appearances and a small gig in the Tatort episode “Unter Wölfen” you really see little of them. But a small ray of hope in the distance: a new album has already been announced and we just need to be patient. Will it be different from the last three? Especially on the debut album Liebeskrieger you can hear the Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial influences, which, however, often contrast with somewhat shallower Dark Rock. This creates a varied mixture. I’m looking forward to seeing the development after ten years and especially to new songs!


Live impressions:


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