Band of the Week: Silverstein

Band of the week 41/2022

Origin: Canada, Burlington

Genre: Post-Hardcore


The band about themselves:

We are Silverstein from Canada

When we started in 2000, we were probably an emo band or called ourselves that. Our music has evolved over the years and we don’t know what we are. If people want to call us an emo band, okay. If they want to call us a screamo band, okay too. If they see us as a rock band, it doesn’t matter either. We have elements of different styles of music.

It feels great that we stuck to our principles and beliefs and really did what we thought was right, even if it was called “stupid” or “bad business” or whatever. I mean, we still had some bad haircuts, but we always focused on the songs, and that has stood the test of time. That’s a legacy we’re really proud of.

With our newest album, Misery Made me, we really let it all out for the first time in our career. We approached it with no rules and no preconceived notions of what Silverstein is or could be. The result is bold. We somehow wrote the heaviest, saddest, catchiest and most emotional songs in 22 years of band history […] and all on the same album.


Editorial commentary:

We have been looking forward to introducing Silverstein as our band of the week for a very long time. We’ve been following Silverstein since their album When Broken Is Easily Fixed, which was released in 2003. Formed in 2000, the post-hardcore band from Ontario, Canada are among the absolute emo-core greats. Silverstein has been around as a band for almost over 20 years now. Over the years, they have continued to evolve and hone their sound, gaining an ever-growing fan base worldwide. The band has always remained true to their principles throughout the years. It is outstanding that most of the band members are still the same as since the foundation. There was only a small change of guitarist Richard McWalter, who left the band in 2012 and was replaced by Paul Marc Rousseau.

The sound of the five-piece combo is described best as a mixture of post-hardcore and emo. Vocalist Shane Told has the gift of combining just the right mix of shouts and melodic vocals, making for stirring, emotionally charged songs, with gripping lyrics in which he processes his own emotions. His singing is underlined by alternating hard and soft parts, as well as catchy melodies. Together, they create stirring songs that immediately catch the ear.

After their successful debut album When Broken Is Easily Fixed, which contained twelve tracks and was released in 2003 and is still celebrated by die-hard fans today, Silverstein has now released over ten studio albums and numerous EPs. The band’s latest work is the album Misery Made Me, recently introduced by our editorial team, which includes the single Bankrupt as well as gripping tracks like Slow Motion and Ultraviolet.

If you don’t know Silverstein yet and have missed all these years, you should listen to the newest album as soon as possible or visit one of the Silverstein Europe Tour 2022 right away, in order not to miss any more successful years of this unique band. An interview with singer Shane Told can also be found on the Dark-Art YouTube channel.

Live impressions:


Music recommendation:

Live dates:

24.11.2022 – Münster, Skaters Palace
25.11.2022 – Eindhoven, Netherlands, Dynamo
26.11.2022 – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann Hall
29.11.2022 – Schweinfurt, Alter Stattbahnhof
30.11.2022 – Munich, Backstage Werk
01.12.2022 – Frankfurt, Batschkapp
02.12.2022 – Cologne, Live Music Hall
03.12.2022 – Berlin, SO36
05.12.2022 – Prague, Czech Republic, Meetfactory
06.12.2022 – Vienna, Austria, Flex
07.12.2022 – Leipzig, Conne Island
08.12.2022 – Atwerpen, Belgium, Muziekcentrum Trix
10.12.2022 – Birmingham, United Kingdom, O2 Institute
11.12.2022 – Camden, United Kingdom, Electric Ballroom



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